Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is so quiet now

I don't know what happen in myself as I keep waking up in the middle of the night without any reasons. I keep wondering what is bother me but couldn't find out the answer. Right now is 3:55. I have been tried very hard to fall back to sleep since I woke up at 3:30. Anyway, thank to my "un-shutdown" Macbook that is why I am blogging right now. Full of though in my mind yet couldn't solve out. Is just like a huge mess of things inside a room but some how no boxes to contain the items so that can arrange nicely.

No worry, it will get sort out eventually as long as I know what is the goal in my life.

What if a person left you in life is so important to you but somehow you are not able to figure out the mix feeling inside you and show others your emotion? Is that called cruel? or heartless? or cold blood? I don't know, that is how I feel right now. Can't figure out but somehow I able to list down the Goods and Bads for everything. Maybe I am just being too calculative.

Time to really wake up now and prepare for a new day. "GOOD MORNING TUE" as usual.... I am very lucky on Tuesday so far. So let the luck flow into me right now.

BTW, I am going to move all those funny photos that I have with my family to the side bar. With the speed of my blogging right now. Tomolo the post will be gone man. I am very deeply affected in blogging! Maybe is the life changing state. More rubbish and though to be post here.

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