Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blogging again

Inspire by someone deeply, I am back to my blogging time once again. Feeling that facebook is like no secret and always get stupid comment by others. Blog is still a better place for people to understand me more.

Today I got myself to run for 6km as the route that I usually run on has been diverted by MRT construction. Very happy feeling as I have my time to do those things that I love to. Especially those picture that I post below. Great feeling and I can manage my time well to learn more things.

Finish the TVB series called "when lane merge"! Such a nice show an the ending is so good that suit my point of view toward LOVE. She sacrify her own happiness just to let the guy have his own happiness. Love is not about to own that person but to make the person to have his/her happiness.

this is the trailer of the Gundam movie that I follow for this past 2 years.

I never like gundam at all in the past. But somehow this show has put me into this crazy model and comic world. Why? It is because the very first season that show 2 years ago. My daddy was sitting on the bed behind me, looking at me watching this show. After season 2 and finally coming to the end of everything that show on big screen as Movie. I will still have the illusion that my daddy actually sitting behind me and still looking at me while I watching this series.

At least he no longer suffer now. He will be happy if he able to see the photo that I took and make it as GIF to show off. Thank you father!

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