Friday, July 16, 2010

Resting day finally

Even though this week I am not the one who work the 5am shift. But somehow my body is very tired. Wake up frequently during the middle of night. And I am not able to get back to sleep after each wake up. Is a kind of torturing. I am not sure what is really in my mind that keeping myself so busy!
I hope that I will have a very good night for the coming 3 night and get back the momentum for my life.
Today is a very idiot day. As I get myself into misunderstanding suing the morning part and it seem like no one really understand me at all. Afternoon part is the army in camp training that made me walk 3 round of the stupid camp. What the hell.....
Anyway, my lowest point in life is coming soon. I can predict it as most of my things that around me start to get rotten up. Let it be and push me to the hell. Cos I really want to see the HELL!

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