Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Trying to get my life in Balance

Karma is something that I always believe. And balance is what I discover

Everyone will have their own balance in life. No matter you are someone
good or someone evil. This balance is not as great as Karma but it
happen every single day. When you are so enjoy yourself at night, drink
high or playing game and lead to leak of sleep. The next day you will
feel very shag and your whole body is tearing yourself apart. That is

When you try to push your job away to others or push your blame to
others. The "BALANCE" will give you worry and you can't have peace of
mind or good sleep. Sometime I do agree that good people do their job
and get all the shits from bad people. That is Balance too.... How much
you get and how much opposite force that you going to take. Live with it
and you will feel happy everyday.

I am going to leave this space a rest for 2 days till APPLE release it latest gadget... haha! let me write a long one

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