Thursday, January 28, 2010


As I have to keep my promise on the new product launch from APPLE. Here are the not so good report from me.

below is the video on how they present the iPad for the world.

The very first picture is the WIFI only version of iPad whereby the one below is the 3G and WIFI version (note: there is a black color strip on the device). Pricing is cheap on without 3G version and it will get ship to the world in March first.

Everything look so nice and easy on the new iPad. And steve Job would like to have iPad to bridge between iPhone and Mac. But the set aside is the deal with Macromedia Flash whereby Adobe didn't wish to agree with some term and conditions with APPLE for the flash version that put up to mobile devices. And the most important thing is that no others software is going to replace flash at the same time. So I don't think iPad will give you any similar experience that a full browser can give you.

Is a good device with reasonable price which start from US$499 on 16GB product. I would like to see some jailbreak that enable to device to run flash before I burn my pocket. If not, I will just stick to my iPhone and wait for the newer version in July.

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