Friday, January 8, 2010

457 posts so far

I feeling so happy today as I have submitted my assignment and weekend is coming soon. Some more I have keep this blog for 3 years and 10 months so far with 457 posts. Wahaha.... I am not going to talk about how many visitor here but that is my very own achievement to keep it alive.

According a person who have close link with APPLE. On 28th of Jan which is end of this month. APPLE will unveil a touch screen tablet to impress the world. Base on all the statistic that Amazon has sold a large number of Kindle ebook reader. That is why APPLE is trying to challenge this field. It seem like APPLE start to learn from the world that getting start late is not the loser but the winner. I have listed down quite a number of late coming business has become the head of the field. Nike win over old bird ADIDAS, Microsoft win over the first PC maker APPLE, HP win over the long lasting DELL. APPLE has learn from it mistake and evolve to a more valuable business structure.

I am here to make a very very wild prediction that what APPLE going to do. This new tablet that APPLE going to do I will name it as iTab. It will going to be another ebook reader which connect to iTunes for all the purchase. iTunes is the main attractive tools in APPLE business. If the iTab is going to be a big version of iPhone plus all the multimedia like a proper browser and light version of MAC OS X. The chance of hitting hard into the field is very high. When so many companies is fighting in this but no one seem to be very special.

This few days Google has making big HooHA all it new phone NEXUS one. But it seem like it make no different to the world at all. Is just some hardware function that better than iPhone. Different is that more google function can be launch on NEXUS and Flash support. When APPLE trying to attack Tablet field, google then try to follow up of what they are doing for so long. We will see how the world going. And I will work very very hard on my Blog and learn more way to earn money online.

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