Thursday, January 14, 2010

Modern technology still not able to take over old tradition

Will you buy this idea to burn "hell note" for your ancestor? This apps is just a kind of fun but not able to take over. And I am going to pay 99 cents real money for all those "fake" money. haha

Just uploaded 3 new song from Hi, sweetheart OST. Hope that my SONG column will able to give everyone a better platform to share thing together.

Finally I completed my medicine for my shoulder injury. But I have a feeling that once the medicine have totally use up in my body. My shoulder will give me pain again. Some more my left should have been dislocated before. Keep having a numb feeling on my back and suspect that my joint has press on the nerve. Soon, I will need to go for a full body check up so that I will have peace of mind to strike hard.

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