Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steve... you are great instead

After you fully watch the Keynote from Mr steve... you will know how great this iPad to be in the future. You don't need it now but it soon will go into your life. And with the interface that you always wishing for. It will sure be something that into everyday life.

of course I do agree that without the flash support on iPad will kill alot of people who wanna get it to replace netbook. But can you see how much effort that APPLE have put into those new product that they introduce to the world? They have rebuild everything from scratch. All the UI actually is a brand new look even depend on the old program interface. Not like Microsoft still using the same Registry and DLL files to build it windows 7. Even the stupid netbook is still using windows XP. Nothing different, never change at all. How much effort did they really put into all these big projects? Just take a closer look at microsoft office. Ever since 2003, I don't see any different between 2003 and 2007 except more click to be done in order to call up the same function. Microsoft just trying to make it look nice but troublesome to work on.

I am going to get one for myself as well as trying to implement it to my mum. Due to the mouse control of the home pc that she facing every day in her kitchen. Her arm can't really place on the mouse for long time. I hope that by having a touch screen device will let her have the ease of fast surfing and time to search for the mouse cursor.

And I also found out how to make my laptop act as iPad. Just don't turn down the power and close the cover so that it go to sleep mode to preserve energy. Whenever I feel like using my MAC, I will just open it and start using the moment I saw the screen. Hehe....

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