Friday, January 29, 2010

Adobe... to stay or not in this world?

Lot of question has been posted by all my friend around me about the iPad for not support flash. And I did a lot of study today that ADOBE is going down hill. They have just posted their first 1.5 billion of debt. If the company is running the right way, it should look like APPLE. And by looking at the market right now, even Microsoft also don't wish to follow this software company who adapt to their own silverlight. Google is using HTML 5 for their website. And APPLE is using the H 264 video code to board cast movie on the web. All the big name is not following ADOBE. Do you think they still have anyway to survive?

HTML 5 and H 264 video standard will be the next big thing that we are looking at. This standard will make the multimedia rich that provide from Flash to have a equal fight. Those company who provide free game on the web and an apps on iTunes store will really figure out that flash is a great way to make up their name but APPLE is the place to make money. If Flash inserted into iPhone as well as iPad, APPLE will have no control to all the content and no one will purchase apps from them anymore. End up who is the winner? Adobe because everyone spend a big money on purchasing their creative suit which cost US$2K plus.

This world will need a standard for everything and the standard is coming. Like the war between ADOBE and APPLE. Who have the most power will win the war. Like I always say, the first one will never be the best.

Adobe Premiere vs Apple Final Cut Pro
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