Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should we judge ourselves?

Is not a very good day, but still manage to corp with it. Early in the morning have to work and do OT whereby no one really appreciate our work. But I always have this thinking that good things will only need to accumulate and wait till the point that it burst. All the people around you will let you know who is the GOOD people in the world.

Should we thank the people who change your life and remember always? I know who treat me good and who is not... Those who make my life different will always be remembered. Those who give me shit.... no way for them to back in my life again. Not a single chance cos like chinese say "狗改不了吃屎!“

Should we judge ourselves or let others to judge us? I am confusing just now but manage to get the correct answer. Accept others judgment and compare to your own to verify what is right and what is wrong.

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