Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why MAC is not able to conquer the world?

There is still a lot of limitation for mac to compare with PC. The main problem is price and human is a kind of lazy animal that they are trying to live within their own circle. They will never try to make their life in danger by trying something new to them. That is why NOKIA handphone and BMW car still so popular in this society. 

Program support by MAC also limited. If we are going deep to talk about game. Most of the online game and some popular game is not supported by MAC. 

Usually when I had downloaded a video from the net. I would converted it to iPhone standard so that I am able to view it on the move. ANY VIDEO CONVERTER helped me translate from RMVB to MP4 without fail on PC. But not going to apply on MAC to same way I did. Sad to see this because MAC should be the KING in this computer world due to it stable operation system. Steve JOB will have a long way to go to make MAC the main stream PC standard. But I have fate on him and all my support.

Maybe I will be one of the engineer to develop all these program to make MAC the best in the world... who KNOW? 莫笑少年窮!!!

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