Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Goodbye"ing" 2008

Finally it comes to the end of my SAD year.... Lot of unhappiness in and out of my life during this year. The biggest blow was my most respected DADDY pass away. I really can't accept the fact that he is gone in my life. I still think that he is somewhere in this world watching over me. Anyway, life has to go on and everyone will face this situation sooner or later. And because of this incident, I treasure my family more than ever. I treasure what ever things I have in my life. 

Why I love GUNDAM 00 so much? Is because my DADDY watching this cartoon with me when he still around. That is why I become so addicted to the model kits and it animation. It will keep my memory alive. 

Next year is a brand new year that I have alot of thing have to complete by the end of the year. I will keep remind myself of my goal and review after a period of time. I know time is limited, but with proper and priority arrangement. Everything will be possible as long as I don't give up. 

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