Wednesday, January 28, 2009

iPhone is Great

My life is back to normal again with MacBook running well on my lap now. I have my iPhone which installed lot of useful app that help me in my daily life. I'm glad that everything is getting back in function again. So much things happen recently which include a huge retrenchment today. WIll this world getting back it own rhythm soon? Or we will need to have a big lesson to learn? I think this world is facing hard time which pushing this economic too hard to achieve good result. Time to get back it very own value.

Hong Kong drama still the best for me. Because I still like the way that the actor speak in Cantonese.

Question for all drivers here... if you see a half death animal lie on the road when you driving on expressway. Will you go on it or you will try to "SIAM" it?

My answer to this question will be drive on it. I will let it die it peace rather than struggle on the road. I do know that I am very cruel toward it. But at least I can help to cut short it pain.

There was an accident along PIE kallang while I was on my way home. Long jam in front and I wish to figure out how far was the JAM. So I turned on my iPhone traffic Cam app and found that JAM don't extent to Kallang way. I did enjoy all the apps on my iphone that is so useful for my daily life. At least I know how long time I will take to reach home when JAM appear.