Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life belongs to you... Not "ANYONE" else

My PC world is down.... totally break down. My main PC is down, and I suspected power supply failure. I wish to purchase a brand new casing with power supply soon. I don't wish my main PC sleep for another year again.
Right now I am using my MacBook to compose this blog. But I just mention my PC world is down and MacBook is one of them too. Few days ago my MacBook not able to power up, I suspected is battery problem. I manage to power it up by plug in the power supply. I realise that lot of people not sure how to keep battery in good condition including me. When you wish to plug in power to laptop. Try not to charge it at the same time while you working on it. Power supply and battery cannot work together. This is not to confuse the system and keep your battery in good health.

Watching this show online. Gem of life 珠光寶氣

over 40 episode in 3 days... Wa...

Still enjoy till 82... haha

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