Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nike + Mini

The stupid animation beside is a new system called NIKE + MINI... he is cute (of course, I am the one who created him)

Next time when you visit my BLOG and you realize he is running here and there... it mean that I go for run within 2 days. But it he slagging around and say stupid thing about me. You know that I have a long time never go for a good run... is a very funny way to motivate me to go for a run.

Thank NIKE and iPOD... haha... it seem like I always talk about APPLE now a day.

My supervisor send me an invitation for WINDOWS 7 which is the new operation system for MICROSOFT. You know what I replied him? I said "why should I help microsoft" haha....

APPLE RULE even Steve Job on MC till JUNE

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