Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Year.... Life will be different

Enjoying American IDOL now. It is getting more funny as time goes on. Different kind of people gather at the same place whereby moving toward the same dream. The Very 1st contester she is singing so awful that SIMON even told her "imaging 22 horse racing with 1 donkey". HAHA

Anyway, Singapore Version is under it way. Hopefully this year will have a different result rather than the "SINGAPORE CHOICE" again. And yeah, the 2nd contester get through. She had a pretty face and able to sing well.

Singapore just released the budget of 2009. Not very sure about the benefit that I can gain from it. I will need to study hard and read more news about my future.

APPLE is earning in this financial crisis. It proved how much APPLE's hard work paid off even without Steve Job around. From the way I looking at this company now. I know that a great leader can form a great company. But without a great team behind this MAN. Nothing will able to be happen.


After I hear the OST from Gundam 00. I realized how much effort have to put in to get everything work together. Sound, graphic and story, all 3 together.

This one will move you, with the song and graphic. The best in my life.


Scorpio said...

dat stupid man not running liao... dat means u never exercise?!

SimonFeiXiang said...

ya lor.... hai... everyday got to feed him man