Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iphone is coming to my life.

3 more days for my new toy come to my life. Already done some preparation for it like install the latest patch and update my Itune. I know I am too harsh to make this decision as we know that as time go by and more Telcom got the Iphone. It surely will drop the price and upgrade to better package. But I just need it so much to be part of my life whereby I can got into internet anytime while I won't feel boring on the bus as I can watch video and listen to MP3 too.

Got myself into the COMEX PC show at suntec. Not many thing that is selling cheap but the extra gift is attractive. The most impressive LCD TV from LG which can take some hard blow from fist. Amazing feature that you will never worry about the kids to walk so near to this expensive gadget.

Just waiting and waiting....

Anyway, Stoner get his seventh pole again for today race. Let see what will be the end result.

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