Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do you know your game well?

From the achievement of my favorite MOTOGP rider Valentino Rossi. I learn that sometime we can't really be ourselves and pushing too hard in our life. Motor cycle attract audience when there are some nice overtake. Since the join in of Casey Stoner who always like to lead his way and play solo in the game. Rossi giving his best to hunt him down and even extend his contract 2 more years. Maybe he finally found someone who is fast enough to match with him or because he want to challenge himself(most likely is the first option). Take last weekend match as example, as Rossi pushing so hard to chase stoner and stoner out of race after few laps due to front wheel not able to grip well. Rossi easily take the lead and claim the crown. Rossi use to start from lower position and start chasing in order to make full entertainment for MOTOGP. It really make the race so boring that every position keep unchanged for the entire race. So boring!!!
Sometime I just wonder should I go all out when I at work or should I adjust my ability in order to have some space for myself. Human tend to request more when you have the ability but they forget how much hard work you put in. And they might even think that everything you do is just so easy.

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