Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why apple have the potential?

Do you ever buy computer from company like HP, Dell, Acer and etc? Do you ever encounter problem after a few months of working on your new machine? How it feel when you call up their hotline? Do they start to blame the software company? And when you start to call software company and they will push the blame back to PC manufacturer. What is happening here? Even when the engineer go down to your home and fix your PC. Do they really fix it or they actually format your harddrive?

By combine both hardware and software under same company. It will lesser your trouble to go thru different vendor. Take the example of macbook and iphone. How they achieve this multi touch function? Is because both hard and software is under the same manufacturer. They will be able to develop new way of combine different thing together. New way of looking thing and "THINK DIFFERENT"

If you try to compare the feature of OSX and Vista. You will notice too much different between them. Vista depend on 3rd party software in order to achieve full function. But OSX can work once you open the box and connect it online.

Haha... I almost lose to myself again by playing online game. Almost addicted back but the will is greatest thing in your whole body. Trust it and it will lead your way to better future.

Gundam 00 family is adding more member below.. haha

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