Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thank You Rossi

e With his win over Stoner at US MOTOGP. I have learn alot though out the race. His Yamaha bike is no match to Ducati on the straight. So what if he able to bend it during the curve at the right time. He might not be fastest rider in the race. So what if he able to mess up Stoner rhythm. Matches is a kind of physical and metal battle. You can be the fastest in the practice, but the condition of the match is hard to predict and you are not racing alone.
Take basketball as an example, you can shoot well during your practice. But with an opponent in front of you during the match who raise up hand to block your view and ball position. Can you shoot well?

It apply on my life too where my weak point is others strong point. My english is not as good as others in both writing and speaking. But I can do a better job than others. So I have to prove to others in my action rather than give out too much empty promise. At the same time I will try to improve my english and get myself up to standard again. Even ROSSI can change his Yamaha engine to match with Stoner. How about changing myself? The will must go with the action in order to complete your life.

For those who watch this show, that is very touching sense when the 10 promises announce as the dog leaving them. What can we really do in our life even we treasure something that we really love and care about? You will still left with regret even I hugging my dog so tight right now. If it really gone from my life. I will still have the thought that I never do enough for him. But still do whatever we can to treasure what you have.

Watch this and you won't regret spending time here. :)

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