Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What is the Main word for our life? LINK

Life is a sequent of things happen combine into one. What ever we do now will affect the next step that we move forward. If you want to achieve something, there will be a series of things happen before you reach your goad. Just like running a 100m competition. You need to get set yourself, ready for the whistle and start running the 100m. Finally reach the finishing line with your chest push to the front.
If one of the step go wrong, it will affect your next step or even end this competition. (if start before the blow of whistle 2 time, you are disqualify)
So do remember every little step that you take toward your goal. Don't neglect this small little step. If will lead you to your final destination if you manage to do it well. Think of your goal and then your step toward it. You will increase your passion bit by bit in your small move, and toward your goal.

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