Thursday, July 3, 2008

ITUNE podcast on IPOD

This is a great feature that I enjoy now a day. I enjoyed all the tips that given by apple genius about MAC OS, gossip from MTV and learn good english online. Simply click on PODCAST and subscribe it. You will start to get the latest podcast film on your IPOD when you sync it. It will get deleted when the short films watched. That is really amaze me. 

Apple is launching MOBILEME web space. Which will enable you to sync all your machine when they are connected to internet. That is totally not a fresh idea. I know about it 8 years ago when I study in ITE where I visit COOL TOWN in HP headquarter. All the equipment like Handheld PC, home PC, office PC and even "MIRROR PC" linked together. You will get the same interface on all these device. So that it will reduce the time spending on configure new machine. 

Apple is the company that able to achieve dream and make it come to reality. It is the engine of our world. Pushing technology to it limit. APPLE ALWAYS!

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