Sunday, July 13, 2008

Life is lesson. We have to learn

"Peaceful sea will never have good SAILOR" I start to apply it in my life right now. No matter what kind of trouble come to your path and block it. You have to solve it and learn from it. Every new problem will lead you to new solution. And it will eventually guide you through your life. Getting busy is the best thing you have right now. Can you imagine you out of job and doing nothing at home? Do have this mindset to push hard in your life.

We are very flexible in our life. As we have less, we can live with it. But if we have more, we also can live with it and spend it all. The evil is within yourself and how you control it. You got to order the evil before it take over you. You have to make a plan that you will stick to it. That is very important to CONTROL your life.

Today is another race of MOTOGP. Casey Stoner got his 4th consecutive pole position. Looking back his career during 2006 where he keep fly out the track when he ride on HONDA. He found the right bike for his riding style and keep it as good as possible. Great and young rider that going to make history. Sometime we just have to admit how capable anothers have and learn from it. Don't always look at the bad point but to appreciate the good point.

This guy blend the new IPHONE 3G... as uaual

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