Sunday, December 13, 2009

My body is giving up

Ever since the day I have opened 30+ HP workstation and move them around my office. My back start to ache, maybe is my old injury which happen when I did part time as Jackpot money collector. Few days ago my neck start to ache too and is a kind of pain that you can't go into sleep at night. It will have very slight pain during the day but is irritated till you can't get a good posture to sit down. I think my body is giving away.... is time to really make plan again before I regret in the end.

I have badminton game on each day of my holiday. It is fun but also very shag.... hope it won't make my body get worst.

I have start to figure out my previous post answer which i talking about building. Take a very simply thing to talk about this procedure. When you like somebody. You will start to get close to her, then start to talk to her, become friend --> become close friend --> sharing some special moment --> eventually in love with her --> hold the hand --> kiss and etc... this is my point of the Building procedure. I think this theory can fine tune a bit and put it into life and as well as business...

I will figure it out soon...

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