Friday, December 25, 2009


Got myself into movie again on Thursday night which is christmas Eve. Alvin and the Chipmunk with my GF and her friend who bring her kids along. Once the theater's light start to dim down. The very first advertisement was a ACT stupid kid keep asking his father about the movie ticket and where is the movie theater. Of course you will know what is the message that they want to pass down. No PIRACY!!! But at the same time I always not able to enjoy the full show in movie theater because some violence or RA sense has been cut. And the most important thing is that no Cantonese movie available here. But they can show Korea and Japanese.... What the.....#$%*&^

So the advertisement keeping going on and on and on and on for almost 20 mins. And I can notice that the kids were getting impatience. HELLO.... is a kids movie and you give so much of advertisement for what? Wanna get all the kids fall asleep so that can enjoy the movie quietly? Totally Bullshit here....

Who will still support movie when so much nonsense going on? Please, do some review and let our money work. Who want to get into movie and watch advertisement? They are killing themselves now.

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