Sunday, December 6, 2009

Life is about patience and it only multiply by itself

I always though that life is about 1 + 1 = 2 but in fact this formula is far too small for me to sub it into. Every little thing that we do will take a very long time to accumulate itself in order to force the change. That is no such thing as when you do this and you will definitely get that. It is the interesting part of life. It only let those people who have their goal and patience to achieve something great in life.

Example for this whereby everyone go though it before. When you study for your highest qualification, it took the few years for you to achieve it. What if you drop out half way? Will you get the certificate? But once after you get the cert, your life will change totally cos you can look for higher qualification job. This is life, nothing come easy and that make it interesting for those who work hard and enjoy the process. The end result is just a moment of job but the hard work is a series of goal setting and determination. Accept this theory and make full use of it to achieve something great in life.

Looking around most of my friends who have found the love for their life. I am so jealous about them. Someone who can really relied on and someone who keep this promise forever. How sweet is the moment and how sweet is the entire life.

Anyway, thank for the Jade Rabbit which given by my sister. I will keep it by my side next year to resist all the evil spirit. HAHA...


Scorpio said...

wait... u r suppose to take the fish... gave u the wrong one???

SimonFeiXiang said...

Yes... is fish... sorry! I miss rabbit too much