Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am still nobody

I have a delicious dinner with all my family member at Queenstown. Egg plus Crab leh... Don't know why the taste is so nice. I hope that we can arrange more of this event.

We took a cab back through Bukit Timah road. Suddenly something strike in my head that why so many people so successful in their life whereby they can live in this kind of place? Are they lucky or hardworking? More Knowledge?
I have seen a handicap who was riding on a electronic wheelchair. He was so poor thing at the first place when I saw him but I was thinking that what kind of things he do will benefit the society? The show at channel 8 tonight was about saving those people who in need. The problem was what kind of things they will do for society? I only can think of by using their sad story it will attract those rich people donation in order to benefit those people who holding this organization.

Actually I have a lot of though to write on my blog. But the problem is that when I was trying to write the blog. All my though is gone... hai

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