Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009

The very last post of 2009.... think of 2009, I think I have a few good start and it will last till 2010. So 2010 will be my result year and 2009 is my hard time.

Learn a lot in 2009 as I understand that this world is unfair. When something is unfair, please make sure it will unfair to everyone so that it will become fair. HAHA....

So much thinking and preparation for the coming year. Hope everything will not go smooth to me. Then I will be able to learn from my mistake. Don't be like my friend who think of doing business is so easy and end up..... so worst!!! Cos he only think of the best but never prepare for the worst.

Will love my love one more and make sure I keep all my truth friend.

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