Monday, September 21, 2009

This world is so funny

F1 singapore GP just release some news about playing so called "cheat" during race. Do you think that is cheat? When the manager order his own man to collide his race car? And just happen that his team mate able to make it as 1st? haha... So that mean manager can't control their man at all? How about soccer? How about basketball? How about American Football? What a joke man. He is just so clever to make use of the specific thing that only happen in Singapore Road racing that the safety car will need a big turn to recover all the F1 car. I think, they are making themselves like a clown in front of the world.

I reread the rich dad, poor dad book again. And I realise that what ever I doing now is no different from the majority still. I have to give myself some space to think about my future.

Heard from my mum that some of my relative facing some major illness. I am so sad so sad. But what can I do for them? I am still thinking. Hope they will get better soon. Especially my dear guy cousin that treat us so good whereby he have kidney problem.

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