Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life is not simple

Getting my self run again after so long. Running 5K when ever I go for a run. Cos I just want to train up my IPPT so that when I run 2.4 will be NO kick to me.

Not very sure what happen to again. Cos they are updating their product right now. WIll know it soon and post it here once I know what is new.

Still waiting for my stupid iPhone 3Gs to be arrive. No update from singtel. That mean I have to wait till Oct. Not very big issue to me as I getting use of my old SonyEricsson phone.

Exam is over and I have to work extra hard for my next paper. Because I don't think I did well on my last paper. If I able to pass. I will be so happy that share my joy here.

Our world is changing very fast. Not very sure what will be next. But as long as I am able to catch up the rhythm and upgrade myself to prepare for the next big thing. I believe I will be able to find opportunity to make me rich.

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