Friday, September 25, 2009

Looking for future as well as treasure my past

Without my stupid future, how to make up the ME right now? Sometime I am glad of whatever I did in the past that provide me a good lesson to learn. I still have lot of things to learn before become the real me.

Thank you my dear sister that come over and stay for 3 nights. When ever I hear her voice when I going to fall asleep. I feel so touch that our family is back again. But I have to learn that nothing will last forever. She have her new life to start and lot of things she have to face in the future. Anyway, life is like that... we come alone and we go back alone. Right?

F1 is such a headache to me, cos I have to walk so far to work and end up my knee cap give way. Pain on my right leg and hopefully it will get recover soon.

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