Sunday, September 27, 2009

Our business world

Something that I would try to bring in because this thing is very HOT in Jap and Kor...

This world is about marketing. MacDonald's hamburger and Microsoft Windows are the best example. They are not the best and yet they earn the most due to their intelligent marketing. If I have a pinpoint out the main advantage of their success. I will have to say, Macdonald have a small burger which suit asian that is why they can lower down their cost to attract customers. Beside that they are just around the corner when you feel hungry. The most important is how they block out their kitchen from the front desk. Mac provide you a good view of what is happening inside whereby others just show nothing. So that you don't feel comfort when you consume their food.
Microsoft sell their windows to suit PC for the whole world whereby MAC only can install on their own hardware. This is the most important move that made the different. But as the price of two worlds getting closer. MAC may over take eventually.

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