Friday, September 11, 2009

ICT is fun

Just came back from my annual ICT. Lot of fun and enjoy weeks in there. Having all my old friends with me to do what ever "stupid" exercise. Got myself injure when climbing up the military lorry when I hold my rifle and left only one hand to do the stun. Haha... I deserve it cos I never follow the instruction of mounting up. Anyway, I got a certificate to justify my contribution for my unit which is best Breaching section. Is about cutting the Razor wire without getting enemy spotted. Or else I will have to risk my life to put in Bomb to blow the wire away if detected by Enemy. Great experience whereby I have to crawl here and there, get myself sweat and dirty as well as mosquito bite.
Found myself so fat when wearing my 7 years ago uniform. But the lucky thing is that I get the chance to change to new one. Which is the ugly digital uniform that you found one the street. Haha... Ugly but still have to wear.

Apple just launch new iPod Nano that feature camera and video function that build into that small device. Amazing quality and it is useful for quick video and photo capture. Price is great and may consider getting in as a gift for someone.

Found the Singtel website that they start selling iPhone 3Gs in certain location. I think they also have not much stock as the demand is great here. Why the demand is great? Becos the selling price of the device is $1500. Those who need quick money can sign up the plan with $0 and sell away.

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