Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone is moving... talent is hiding

2 things that make up my day, the very first one is the video below.

A group of band that performance live in HK MRT using iPhone. Of course there will be some people don't like this kind of thing. But most of the HK people do support them cos leak of local talent. As technology moving more advance, the way they present themselves changed to the next level. iPhone and portable speaker has been used for attract attention. Youtube is the most powerful media in this world right now. Soon they will be invite to some special event to populate their band. Wish that more people will be able to show off their talent in their "right" field.

2nd thing that made me impress is a guy who I saw on my way home. He was using a headphone without wire attach and found a white color thing appear on the black headphone. So I went near to look for some clue and happen to found out that he roll the wire on the headphone plastic part which then attach to the white color iPod shuffle that clicked on the HP. From my point of view, he can be someone to invent the NEW iPod shuffle headphone. But he just do it in an ugly way. I wish I can be the one to modify this gadget soon. Hope I will be able to meet someone in the plastic field as well as good speaker provider. haha

P.S. finally I manage to change the layout of my blog which allow big youtube video to play in full size.

Happen to think of this song again... touching video

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