Saturday, September 27, 2008

What can we do?

Who is caring all these problems? A LIFE IS BORN AND GONE every single second. Can we treasure the moment that we have right now? Do we fully spend every moment?

Nothing going to make this world stay because everything change every second. So many thing that we have to do but so little time we have. Or should I say our time management is bad? Human just pushing everything forward and only think of now. We will never care what going to happen next moment. Some people just spending every single cents when they got their salary. They just simply don't learn their lesson.

F1 ticket is hard to grab due to those tickets were bought by big company. And they jus simply give it out to their employee. It made the rich get rich and the poor will never have the chance to go thru this kind of moment.

Rich - Poor
Life - Dead
Time - Money

Never ending game in this human world.

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