Monday, September 22, 2008

F1 is coming

Wa... such a long period of time to host this F1... officially need 2 week for the road closure which is from 23th to 5th. As my knowledge and for what I seen so far. Road will be amend from 23th to 26th so that they have time to remove the yellow and white line. Why have to close after race which from 29th to 5th? As what I know, race car have to do few more test after race in order for them to gather information for next year race. If anything I said wrong here. Do drop me comment so that we can share our knowledge.

Chasing my life now. Start to run again and you can see from the side bar which is 5KM. Not very far to somebody but not for me. Anyway, if I not able to complete this small thing. How can I achieve something big in the future. I have to force myself to complete it in order to get back my rhythm of life.

Get my iphone to run on the new technology call Genius. Quite a fun function that enable your iphone to search for similar rhythm song to combine as a playlist. But don't support Chinese, Japanese and Korea song so far I know. HAHA

This picture take from Raffle city which is fun to look at when you personally standing there and look through the Blue and Red transparent Glass... you will find some magic there. haha

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