Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mobile me sign up

Finally got myself into Apple's MobileMe services trial testing for 60 days. Trying to figure out how to maximum my work using this MobileMe before it expire. Sending email on the move is a great way to communicate with others. But due to my mail account setup at hotmail long time ago. I will have difficulty to get all my friend shift to my new account. Sync calendar and contact is the greatest thing that I found in this package. It will auto send the change that I made on my phone to the CLOUD and send back straight to my MacBook which make thing easier for me. But as I think of the price that I need to pay out for one year subscription which cost 140+, I can get Gmail and yahoo mail work with my phone without invest any single cents. Beside, I can sync calendar and contact once I turn on my MacBook. Still have to take some time in order for me to explore more so that I can point out the pros and cons. Even with the virtual harddisk which have capacity of 20GB, my company(CITIBANK) actually bend this and I will never have a chance to download or upload document from work.

Looking at the NIKE side bar and I realize that I only left 8 more days to complete this 30km goal for this month. I have to make it happen no matter what due to my body getting FAT.

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