Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Thank you" F1

What a day!!! Every single place is block and my bus suppose to reach marina square and end up stop at bugis. I have to walk all the way to suntec area. Wa... So hot and tired. Not only go to work but back from work as well. Still have 8 more day to go exclude saturday and sunday. Hai....

Tomolo I will take some picture around my area to see clearly how the circuit is build and some funny thing. Hopefully still there.

Got my feet up again to run a big circle around my area. Not 5 km so long as yesterday did. But I continues run without stop much. So shag now cos both my feel is pain. Really old liao...

I got my MacBook battery back to 100% health and extend my iphone battery life. I do agree iphone have short battery life compare to normal handphone. But think of the screen size and the multi function that iphone can support. Sometime we just simply forget how much thing it work on. While listen to music, we play game and do SMS. All this activity consume alot of battery yet we blame on APPLE not doing a good job. With so many sensor on the screen surface and light all over the screen. Battery life enable user to use 6 hrs continuously is very great. What you expect more?

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