Wednesday, September 24, 2008

iPhone... the best

Battery life really improve alot without switch on 3G and less use on music. Right now I still enjoy almost full batt after a day of work which consist of call and message. My total usage is 1 and half hrs and 16 hrs of standby. Cool man... iPhone is like my personal assistance now. Whatever I think of and whatever I going to do. It will keep track for me and the fun part is I actually can send email back to my computer when I need to copy inventory.

Without music on the run actually give my mind some peace to do some thinking.

Time to share some F1 track photo.

This is the photo that I take from Marina square. You can see how bright is the light. When you look carefully, you will found some gap in between the fencing. (as show below)

what is this gap for when they set up this fencing is to block out people walk into the track? The answer is what if accident happen in the track? How is the driver escape? How to let people go in to rescues? HAHA

More photo tomorrow due to my camera not enough battery.

Here is my MobileMe share drive. MobileMe
Start to upload new song into it

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