Sunday, November 15, 2009

Went for shopping

Is been a long time never buy so many thing in one shot. I was enjoying myself very much as they were my long waited luxury items.

Bag that I buy from Muji and having problem when I trying to figure out this bag can fit in my Macbook or not. So we approached the sales people for the information about the bag is 13 inch or not. The sales guy use a ruler to measure the below part and told me that it was a 35". I was so shock that he don't even know how to measure. So I took out my iPhone to find out my laptop spec and compare with the bag dimension. It was going to fit nicely according to the figure so I make up my mind to purchase it.
here are the shoe which I buy from Pedro. Wa... first time to grab such an expensive pair of shoe. Hopefully it will last me longer than a year so that I would not feel so heart pain.

Going to disappear from facebook soon. As facebook was such a evil place that you can't hide those comment that you don't wish others to see. That is a case whereby my friend wrote something about 2 of my ex colleagues were sacked and cause by me. So one of them actually out of my facebook list. And I would say that if you never do anything wrong. No one will get you sack from a job. And to the person who have a big mouth to spread this thing to the whole world. I am going to leave facebook soon. It will going to have peace over there but more fun here.


Scorpio said...

dat is why i never add my colleagues on my facebbok... hah!~ U can find no frens at work... i always believe in dat...

SimonFeiXiang said...

I totally agree of your thinking.