Monday, November 23, 2009

Different way

As you know that flash will not support by iPhone is a well know case. Why? Not because APPLE wanna earn the money but to let developer to earn at the same time. If anyone can run free content that show on internet with their iPhone. There will be no rule and regulation to control anymore. And on the other hand, the sell of Macromedia flash software will increase and that is what Macromedia wanna achieve when they launch the latest version of flash on every cell phone. They are simply too selfish to earn all the money by their own and ruin every sell phone profit.
If I am one of the developer which having the hottest flash free game on internet. I would like to change my coding and transfer it to iphone and sell it for $0.99.
Anyway, different company have their own different concept of making money. Developer will look for the best way to earn in order to develop software. I do agree that iPhone have a lot of restriction when getting the apps post on the iTune store. But that will only enhance more control to the iPhone apps world. At least, Pornographic is not an issue to ruin the kids if they having a iPhone (provided not jailbreak)

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