Friday, November 20, 2009


This world is unfair and it will never be fair in the future. Ireland submit a request to FIFA to have a rematch with France due to Henry hand ball while passing it to team-mate to score the winning goal. It was caught by camera but not by referee so it will be no count and the score line is finalize. To rematch or not? Fair to rematch? I am siding Henry due to his brilliant hand ball which never get caught by the referee just like Manadona. He have admitted the incident and accept all the criticism. I admire his attitude as you play for country and that is the crucial moment.

To be fair for some of my previous post which target on Google. I will have to say google have it own difficulty as Microsoft and Yahoo try to conquer it feel on search engine. Never the less, those big companies will have to spend their big amount of money to get rid of their competitor. Might as well get pay for everyone when they use Microsoft search engine right? So that no one will use on google anymore.

I can understand how a company run. When it have no ambition on it field or try to conquer another field. No investor will inject their huge amount of money into the company. That is the main problem lie on all these companies.

Google has joined in the OS war as it launch the CHROMS. It is allow to download through private bay. Not very sure what impact will do to the market.


Scorpio said...

I totally tink dat it's unfair to rematch... like dat many game will have to rematch liao lor... at the game, referee's decision is final... we gotta respect dat...

SimonFeiXiang said...

I do agree your view. As long as never get caught at that moment. When ever rematch also no point