Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my iPhone

Was trying to look at some stock movement on my iPhone while I on my way to work. But found out that my iPhone screen go "WHITE"... can't even see a single icon. I try to reboot it and still "WHITE". I am scare that was due to last week drop. So I turn it off and wait for few minutes before wake him up again. The APPLE logo stuck on the screen for very long this time round. I have no choice but to wait till the welcome screen. Finally, I got it back and hope that the same thing won't be happen again.

Still, we have to treasure everything that belong to you. Sometime, something is not just happen to be there. It have the reason behind everything. So don't push your luck too hard and think that it will never leave you. Cos everything in this world is unpredictable. Only the wise and prepared one will survive.

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