Thursday, November 19, 2009

Competition mean well?

If APPLE not around to color our world. What will our world be? Are we still using NOKIA handphone which have no improvement at all but only changing the outlook? Will we still using Windows 98 now because Microsoft think that is the best OS ever? Will we still using CD instead of MP3 player which hold more music than anything? Am I able to write blog now whereby the first PC is made by APPLE?

Sometime I am very sure that my BOSS is blind. She only recognize email than hard work. I just simply can't adapt to this kind of work attitude. Simple job, simple do... don't have to send email whenever a small job done. Now a day the stupid PhilippineNo start to send out email to help him finish his "SHIT" job. Too bad, we learn and there will be no more such things going to happen to us. HAHAHA

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