Friday, December 26, 2008

I am Lucky that I don't realise

Having my mum around is such a lucky thing in this world. She cook nice food for me, wash my dirty clothing, keep the home in top condition and care about what I do. I have my dream job, I have my family, I have everything that I long waited. 2008 coming to the end and I already planned to do alot of thing next year. With such a good condition in my life, I got to strike hard and let no body down.

Sometime I just can't accept the fact that some of these people live in the world....

  1. Take people thing without inform the owner (even take credit from others) MOST HATED
  2. Scold people even they are at the losing end
  3. People work, you also work but don't seem like you are around
  4. Lazy people always have a lot of excuse
  5. Poor people always have a lot of pattern, trying to make themselves look nice but pocket is empty
  6. Only know how to take advantage from others
  7. Ages not equal to the actual behaviors
I just feel that I am so lucky again to meet all these people before my age reach 30. I will aware and study hard how they behave. So that I will not fall into their trap again in the future. 

Life is a Journey of Learning... but when you have enough knowledge, time left no more.

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Scorpio said...

got miss me?!

haha...i haven't been home for a while... LOLz..