Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hong Kong Trip countdown

My real holiday of the year is coming. But I still have to rush out all the job before leaving for good. Planning on how to maximum the time spend in Hong Kong. Hai... this time round is all because of my DEAR that not able to take long leave. So I only have 5 days spend over HK which is from Tuesday evening till Sunday afternoon. Planning to go shopping on Wednesday for long sleeve shirt or jacket due to cold weather. Thusday should be a good day for DISNEY land because less people go on weekday as it have a special christmas theme. DISNEYLAND CHRISTMAS
Friday will visit Ocean Park and the PEAK during evening time. Saturday will be another round of shopping and hopefully will get all the thing that I want and leave Sunday morning as an extra day for more shopping. HAHA
I only can think about shopping in hong kong and nothing else. Anyway, I feel so empty now cos my Daddy not around anymore. Is so sad to be there without my CLOSEST one. Not sure how will I react when I am there looking at those place that my DAD use to be there.

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