Friday, December 5, 2008

Fated or you can control over it?

The dream girl that you admire for so long is taking train back to home everyday. But you have to take bus. Will you called it "fated" not to meet each other after work??

You actually will try to create the chance to see each other by walking to the further bus stop whereby same direction as the train station locate. So that you can enjoy the chit chat session with her and get to know her more.

Nothing is impossible in this world, is how determined you want to achieve it. Of course is easier when will talk about love. Because the power and emotion is strong in this field. But if we can use the same mentality on work or something more meaningful. The power will be very strong that it able to get the person high on top of them all.

Michael Jordon love basketball
Valentino Rossi love Bike
Tiger wood love Golf
Ronaldo love Soccer

We have to find our goal. Something that we can achieve and make sure not dreaming. Win TOTO and 4D is a dream and it will only come truth when you have luck. But you will never achieve it by buying more ticket.

Life is short and make good use of it. Find your own goal and work toward it. Make sure don't give up until you achieve something.

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