Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are easily give up after we grow up

I am capable of spinning pen on my left hand but not right hand. Today I am so bore in the meeting and try to spin it using my right hand. So the title let you know what happen next. I am trying to figure out why I gave up so easily, is it becos i know how to spin it with my left hand? or I am just too lazy to do so?

The answer is that we have no time or simply don't care about all these thing. Did you ever think of your baby time? How you learn to walk? Did you ever give up on that? How about writing the first word using your hand? Did you give up? The answer is no and we are so into the learning process but not for now. We are so lazy and don't wish to learn anymore thinking that we are the best in the world. So learning will be the deepest answer toward my question.

I will have to learn how to learn things everyday and keep up my good work.

The most evil people in the world.... GUESS..... is always your boss. Cos they push the things that they will never be able to complete to you. And think that those things is so easy to finish.... SUCK!!!

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