Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love my MAC as always

Today is quite a good day for me. I wasted 2 trip to go thru and flow from Town area but I gain alot. And I hope that everything will start change from now on.

Yesterday went to BBQ with all my beloved friend and took alot nice pictures to share with others. When I was trying to edit the video. I got lagging play back whereby it was different from what I get past few days. I tried to reinstall the application and minimize the process. But the lagging problem still persist. Finally I have given up trying and take my lappy to kitchen to use. Yet, I am able to play smooth video on my lappy. When I tried to use Aperture to edit photo once again. The video is smoothly play and edit.

I have come to a conclusion that my lappy need battery so that it can work properly. HAHA! Such a great day to me right?

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