Friday, March 19, 2010

Is a very long week

Lot of things to do in this week and lot of thinking have to sort out. Starting to plan my very first iPhone application which feature photo and note in the same apps. So that we can note down important information with the photo.

Work so hard to complete the number of machine that have to upgrade for my boss. Yet, is just have to cover her backside whereby she don't even care about what kind of problems that we face but just concern about the number of machines only. What if she have to come up and build one machine for me to check? How long will she need to do so whereby procedure is wrong even we follow closely? BULLSHIT!

I am resist to love song now. It seems like I am very happy with my life and not crying over any love song. Maybe I have seen too many of LOVE that is why I feel numb toward it. But I still like old song so much whereby it still fall in between my life time la.... 80s and 90s... hehe

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